We host two tournaments at The Art That Adorns you each year, as well as a number of other opportunities to pick up some goodies and shiny things. We aim to offer something a little bit different for people to enjoy, and these tournaments are open to everyone regardless of experience. There are no awards for first, second or third place,

The Discipulus Artis Dimicatoriae Trophy

This trophy is awarded for technical skill in fencing. The tournament is fought with minimal protective equipment (light gloves, a fencing mask, and a gorget), and prizes are awarded by the tournament and by your fellow fencers based upon who they enjoyed bouting with. Win or lose you have a good chance to pick up something for the mantlepiece, as long as you keep smiling, fence safely and cleanly, and enjoy your matches with everyone.

The ‘Oz’ Challenge Cup

Our annual pugilism tournament takes place using full face headguards and is designed as a light contact event that everyone can take part it regardless of experience, as long as they have attended the pugilism class that is scheduled at Art That Adorns You before the tournament takes place. Prizes are awarded by the referee and your fellow boxers based open who everyone enjoyed sparring with the most.

As well as our two “fighting” awards we award a number of other goodies each year. There are prizes for the best instructor as voted by the students attending over the weekend, as well as for the person who best embodies the “spirit of the event” as voted for anonymously by your peers. There are also goodies to be given out for the best pub quiz team, as well as the most coveted award of the event… Best Spacehopperer…