Space Hopper Jousting (13:00 – 14:00 Saturday and Sunday)
Why sit quietly and politely and have your lunch, when you could sit, have lunch, and watch and/or partake in some hideously disorganised and entirely impolite space-hopper jousting? We provide your noble steeds, boxing gloves on sticks, foam boffers and other props. Nothing is planned, everything is off the cuff. Lauren will award points based on an entirely arbitrary and subjective system. There is a trophy up for grabs. Come and join us!

Pub Quiz & Pizza (20:00 Saturday)
As is tradition Saturday night sees the return of our (dis)organised pub quiz at the Artful Dodger pub function room at 47 Micklegate, York, GB YO1 6LJ (about a 15 minute walk from our venue). I will try to award sensible points. Lauren will award points for comedy answers that make her laugh. The questions will be vaguely, tenuously related to swords, martial arts, and combat. We will run fabulously over-time. And there will be pizza! All of this is included in your booking fee.